About Us


 We are a non-profit organization that aims to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to local African populations, through major/meaningful sharing means such as education, awareness and charity actions.

We deeply believe that a better understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency through education will help Africans to better perceive the economic stakes related to this technology, to seize the opportunity that crypto represents in the fight against poverty and the need to take part in this new global economy brought by this revolution

Our mission



Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are an engine of development for Africans and will play a major role in Africa’s economic growth. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to accelerate its adoption. 


Our approach is to bring cryptocurrency to the local African population through simple popular education, supported by effective teaching methods and educational campaigns on the ground. 



These actions will take place in schools, markets, train stations and in the most remote areas of Africa. This is to directly reach the people who need it most and facilitate the spread of information by word of mouth.



Our approach


The population needs to know what is BITCOIN, BLOCKCHAIN, CRYPTOCURRENCY and the opportunities that come with it. However, knowing that we are facing a population that knows very little about the subject. (This topic is completely unknown to the majority), how to make it consider and adopt the cryptocurrency?

This is the REAL QUESTION.

So we have chosen the path of education, but not just any education. Our solution is the education of PROXIMITY, the education of the field, the POPULAR education, which will be supported to the basic education (digital formation support) spread via our digital channels.


Our values


Much more than an exchange of information, we create a relationship of sharing with the people. Proximity creates an atmosphere of trust and discussion, facilitating awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency among the people.


Build trust. Advocate for inclusive/global finance and economy and put people at the heart of this possessus. In addition to this, we take responsible actions to eliminate human barriers and whose impact transcends any physical border.


Embracing change, propagating it to evolve together. Make it benefit the populations so that they benefit from the new opportunities that cryptocurrency offers. Thus, they will take part in a booming global economy and experience a sustainable fulfillment. The world is evolving so is Africa.